A dear friend of mine recently asked if I could find her some beans here we call ” EBIGAAGA” These are climbing beans bigger than the ordinary beans that most Ugandans know. I remembered them from my much younger days. They make very delicious soup. Sadly many of us today have forgotten many local plants and vegetables and feed on lots of foreign foods. A lot of our diet is really junk food and lacks the minerals and vitamins that we would get from plants, vegetables and fruits that are local and suited to grow in our environment.My research led me to find a few bigaaga seeds from the countryside and also get to know about cow peas or what we here call empindi. Empindi is also another climber that grows easily here. It’s very tasty and the dry leaves once crushed produce a powder we call eggobe that when sprinkled onto ground nuts sauce produces a wonderful taste and flavour when taken with matooke(plantain),sweet potatoes and cassava. I’ve still not found cow peas seeds, but have planted some bigaaga or Lima been.


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