How to Evaluate an Online Board Portal

A board portal is a virtual platform that connects your board members and committee members through any device they would like to use. It’s easier than more navigating through lengthy email chains, or outdated emailed documents. Furthermore, it lets meeting organizers push meetings directly onto board members’ digital calendars making it easier for them to keep their schedule up-to-date.

A portal for board members online will help your team collaborate more efficiently, saving you time and money. Many board portal providers provide a free trial offer to your organization to test out the product before making a commitment to it for the long term. It is easy to evaluate several alternatives by reviewing the pricing structure for each and features list to see the one that best suits your needs.

The top-rated portals will include various time-saving board management tools. Find a board book maker that can create digital board books in minutes, and a system that allows you to reuse templates. It’s important to know whether your board portal is compatible on mobile devices. This is especially important since the majority of directors’ descriptions also include travel.

Choose a provider with cloud-based architecture that allows for the security of data and access from any location. storage. Find out if a business adheres to industry standards for monitoring the staff at the data centre and physical security measures. This will provide directors and you peace of mind.


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