Selecting good birds for your local chicken farm is of great importance. There is an amusing story in a book about family: a tall well built woman agrees to marry a short skinny man hoping that one day “I will change him”. Is it possible to change him to become taller or fatter with better feeding or care? Not likely at all!For your farm too undesirable genetic traits will affect both productivity and future out look of the flock.Youve to choose as parent stock chickens that have or exhibit potential in (a)Productivity

Hens should be those that exhibit motherly instincts,laying and hatching capacity

Roosters should exhibit early start in chasing and mounting

(b)Fast growth in feathers,size and shape

(c)resistance to disease

Local chicken develop slowly but are good mothers and more resistant to disease. We are developing an improved local chicken that has considerabledesirable traits in growth, meat quality,disease resistance, productivity and colour.


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