Chicken must not sleep within the house or in trees. You must provide suitable well constructed accommodation taking care of the following ;

That it is well ventilated and warm enough

That you provide a rooster stand,lay box,feeder and drinker

That there is security from, natural elements like rain,wind and sun, prefatorslike dogs, rats, snakes etc and thieves

Choose a site that drains easily. Keep area around the building clean and clear of grass and shrubs to discourage predetors that prefer to operate unnoticed. A decent chicken run can be constructed using simple, inexpensive materials like bamboo,timber,clay,mud,cement,etc. Whatever is used please consider the following;

*Provide sufficient space.A minimum of a square meter per bird.

*Seal holes or cracks where peste can breed or hide. White wash is a good sealant

*Provide adequate ventilation

*Have source of clean water must be within proximity

*Provide reasonably sized and secure doors and suitable roof

  • Guard against Intruders by having no gaps or unplanned openings
  • Concrete floors are desirable


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