It doesn’t look like covid is going away anyway soon. Neither on and off lockdowns. It looks like we got a new normal now. I want to give the following advice;

  1. If you have access to land, even if it’s asmall one please grow food. It’s your responsibility to feed your children and family. Plant crops, vegetables, fruit and even medicinal herbs and shrubs. You will save on food costs and be able to sell the surplus. Medicinal herbs and shrubs will become your pharmacy and keep treatment costs low!
  2. Our kids are again out of school. Please don’t keep them idle. You could read to them. Get them to read books and do their holiday packages. Remember; ” An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
  3. During this pandemic and lockdown do your best to get alternative skills. When it’s all over your present skills may not be needed by your employers. Get skills enabling you to employ yourself or become more useful at your place of work.

By David Sseruwagi, Heavenly Farm


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